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What Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus? Check This Website For Updates

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By Thanussha Priyah, 13 Mar 2020

Image via Shutterstock

The coronavirus has forced numerous attractions to shut down and events to be canceled due to the risk of the virus spreading in mass gatherings. For instance, the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas has been called off, as well as music festivals like Coachella.

To stay updated with all the events getting shut down, The Verge’s executive editor TC Sottek has launched a website called ‘Is It Cancelled Yet?’ to track the most popular events being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

The website shows easy-to-understand indicators like “Yes,” which obviously means the event has been cancelled, while “no” means it is still taking place. “Uh Oh” is set aside for events that could be delayed or canceled.

It also takes a lighter approach to the outbreak by answering if “handshakes,” “hugs” and “fist bumps” are canceled yet. As shared by internet users, some of the details include, “SXSW canceled? Yes. Fist bumps canceled? No.”

The World Health Organization has advised people to reduce contact with others as much as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

It is worth noting that the site is “not a comprehensive guide to all human gathers on planet earth.” Check out the statuses of popular events here.


— tc (@chillmage) March 3, 2020

cultural institutions are dropping like flies today

— tc (@chillmage) March 12, 2020

honestly I can’t keep up today

— tc (@chillmage) March 12, 2020

I need to know how many pageviews this website is getting.

SXSW canceled? Yes
Fist bumps canceled? No

— Sarah Blaskovich (@sblaskovich) March 12, 2020

This is an extremely useful resource, highly recommended
(thank you @chillmage)

— Katie Mack (@AstroKatie) March 4, 2020

— Corinne Cath-Speth (@C___CS) March 6, 2020

[via Dazed, cover image via Shutterstock]

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