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Pizza Over Panic

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Prior to I start … this made me laugh re Corona Infection:

It is cold in New york city and integrated with the Corona Virus panic, the streets and dining establishments appear quite peaceful.

I ignore all things panic so I ran around the city the other day seeing creators and even doing Soul Cycle which in hinsdsight, looks like a best spot for the virus to spread.

Speaking of panic, Josh Brown updates a terrific chart on the subject of panic which you can see here with his lates update being the Corona Infection:

I would add … When you are frightened … purchase a stock. Make it one we with products that both eight year olds and eighty years of age enjoy that has high margins

Last night, the creator of ‘ Slice– The Pizza App‘ ( Ilir Sela) invited me and a few others to a pizza tour in SOHO. Being a blog writer and Twitterer does have its advantages!

My old preferred Prince Street Pizza has actually ended up being too crowded for me, however Ilir has some pull and as I brought up in my Uber, we had a piping hot pie all set and dug in on the street. We headed over to Lombardi’s next with the group.

Ilir has built an unbelievable and enormous organisation. It was enjoyable to talk shop with him about development and product. They have 600 consumer support individuals in North Macedonia who all usage Kustomer(a portfolio company of ours).

Tomorrow I intend on more of the very same, but will add a falafel or two.

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