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GoI: fifth Fulfilling of Task Force of Active Pharmaceuticals Components talk about Corona Virus

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On February 18, 2020, the Ministry of Shipping and Chemical Fertilizers held the fifth meeting of Job Force. The Job Force went over small, medium and large API units.


The Ministry gone over on the accessibility of medications and drugs to manage the impacts of Corona Infection. The Job Force also discussed and ensured that there will be no scarcity of drugs, medications and APIs in India.

What is API?

API (Active Pharmaceutical Active ingredient) are ingredients that are biologically active.

Currently India is dependent on China in importing APIs. Around Rs 12,255 crores of APIs were imported from China in the year 2016-17 On the other hand, 80%of the raw products for these drugs are sourced from India.


Just recently the prices of paracetamol, a common analgesic has actually leapt by 40%in India. The costs of other antibiotics have actually also increased by 70%. This is mainly due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. Therefore, it is necessary for the GoI to manage these scenarios. The task forces help the GoI in these circumstances to report and manage them.

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