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Coronavirus outbreak: Qatar verifies very first case of epidemic

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In the middle of the unmatched coronavirus outbreak, Qatar’s health ministry on February 29 supposedly confirmed its first case of coronavirus infection.

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Amidst the extraordinary coronavirus break out, Qatar’s health ministry on February 29 apparently confirmed its first case of coronavirus infection. The death toll in China has actually exceeded 2,800 and the National Health Commission supposedly confirmed 427 brand-new cases. The overall number of verified cases within China likewise hit nearly 79,00 0 and more than 83,00 0 worldwide.

First detected in the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province of China, the infection outbreak has actually now spread out throughout more than 40 nations given that December 2019.

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The economy has been significantly affected by the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus break out with the international markets experiencing reportedly their worst week since the 2008 worldwide financial crisis.

‘ Not be too excited to declare pandemic’

With organisations and companies either shutting down shops or cancelling their major events to include the spread of the fatal infection, it has actually already reached more than 50 countries with Antarctica being the only continent left ‘virus-free’. WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has also stated that the authorities “need to not be too excited to declare a pandemic” in the lack of “clear-minded analysis of the facts”.

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Nevertheless, the UN health agency has still declared its highest level of alarm which is a public health emergency situation of international issue. Using the word ‘pandemic’ might give individuals a signal that the Coronavirus can no longer be consisted of, however Ghebreyesus said that it “is not real”.

According to the official site, Ghebreyesus explained, “Using the word pandemic thoughtlessly has no concrete advantage, but it does have a substantial danger in terms of enhancing unnecessary and unjustified worry and stigma, and incapacitating systems”.

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