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Corona Infection: GoI halts three vital policies as profits diminish

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As the outbreak of corona infection has hit profits collection, the Government of India has dropped 3 important policies.


The revenue collection for the financial year 2019-20 has actually contracted by 3.5%in the first 11 months.

The policies are all the propositions of food ministry.

Policies Halted

The food ministry had earlier suggested taxes on imported crude and improved veggie oil from Malayasia. This was shelved by the Food Ministry

The Food Ministry had actually also proposed supply subsidized rice and wheat to millions of people. It likewise suggested increasing the supply of rice and wheat to 7 kg per month. Presently, 5 kg each month is supplied under public circulation system.

The Food Ministry also proposed to offer vitamin-fortified rice that included an expense of 5 trillion rupees.

The above 3 policies that were earlier considered by GOI are now been stopped due to the increasing hazard of Corona Virus.

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